Declutter Sentimental Items

Declutter Sentimental Items

Decluttering Sentimental ItemsMoving brings with it a unique set of challenges, one of the most difficult being sorting through all of your stuff and letting go of items you do not need but have held onto for sentimental reasons. There are ways you can go about keeping the memories alive and also cut down on clutter and save space in your new home or apartment. Read on to see how to weed through your Sentimental Items before a move.

Sort through the boxes . As you pack up and prepare for the move, you will have boxes of items. Take some time to look through them for anyitems you cannot take with you. Throw out anything damaged, not used, or that you have no real use or value for.

Ask family members. A move impacts the entire family so make sure you ask family members what items they’d want to take to the new house. Set those Sentimental Items aside and then continue weeding through your things.

Putting Away Emotional Things

Deal with photos. Boxes of photos and cumbersome albums can take up a lot of room, so spend some time going through them and saving room by digitizing them. Create online albums that you can share and access any time and free up all that space on your shelves.

Purchase small chests and storage containers. These make great places to place various memorabilia in. You can keep your Sentimental Items and have them stores safely out of way when they are not being used. Get containers and chests that fit well in corners, stack easily, or slide under the bed.

Combine the old with the new. Use Sentimental Items from your old home to create a new look and feel in your new home. Maybe a special picture or painting could be the focal point for a room, or a special blanket or quilt could make a nice throw over the back of the couch or bed.

Creating Memories with Sentimental Items

Create a tribute for memories. Set up a small cabinet or a special shelf in a prominent space for special keep sakes and memorial items. Display pictures and special items that remind you of a special someone in a place where you can always see them. Create a special shelf for kids to keep their special items on. Setting up these memory areas can help you hold onto the good times in your new home.

Getting rid of Sentimental Items can be hard but with these tips it can be easier to combine the old and the new and get settled into your new home.


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