How to Clean a Couch

How to Clean a Couch

How to Clean a Couch If you are wondering How to Clean a Couch safely and effectively, then this is the article for you. Read on to find out how to clean a couch made of fabric, upholstery, or leather. Most cleaners will be both a specially formulated leather cleaner and conditioner combination, upholstery dry cleaner solution, or a water and detergent based cleaning solution.

Following are the steps you should follow when determining How to Clean a Couch and get started:

  • Brush off dirt that has been caked onto the couch – the best tool for this usually is a stiff bristle brush. In most cases, the headrest and armrests will usually require more attention and work as they are often the dirtiest parts of the couch.
  • If the cushions come off the couch, remove them and take them outside. Beat them out to get rid of as much dust, dirt, and other debris that might be trapped in the fibers of the cushion.
  • Remove surface dirt such as dust, pet hair, and food crumbs with a vacuum. Get between the cushions if they do not come off and if you can, take off the cushions to get the under area of the couch and all the hard to reach corners. Remember that is the cushions are reversible that you clean both sides well.

Here are some things to remember about How to Clean a Couch made of fabric, upholstery, or leather:

  • Spot test the fabric before cleaning the entire couch to make sure the cleaning solution does not bleach or discolor the fabric. Test by dipping a cloth into the solution and dabbing it onto the fabric of the couch in an out of sight area and then checking in 5-10 minutes later to make sure no issues exist.Cleaning Tips
  • Spot test the dry cleaning solvent and be sure to especially look for bleeding of the colors- which can happen with do it yourself dry cleaning solutions when they are not used properly. Be sure you use these cleaning solutions in a well ventilated area as they can release powerful fumes and cause breathing problems when used in an enclosed area.
  • Leather cleaners also need to be tested as above and when you are sure the cleaning solution is safe to use mix it with water to dilute it as they solution does not have to be very strong. Wipe down the leather, making sure that the cloth is not overly wet as soaking the leather can cause discoloration and water rings to form as the leather dries.
  • If you use leather conditioner or any sort of sealant on your couch to protect and preserve the fabric make sure you follow all label directions as each one will require a different set of precautions and steps in order to achieve the best results.

With these helpful tips in mind, you are well on your way to leaning How to Clean a Couch quickly and easily.


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