Military Move

Military Move

Let Nice Guy Movers Do Your Military MoveMilitary Move can be stressful for you and your family but there are things you can do to help make it an easier transition.

Find Out What Can Be Moved

The term “household goods” is something to remember because I will dictate what you can have moved as part of your location for free by the government. This classification refers to your personal effects and property. In most cases, if your HHGs fall within your weight limits that have been set for you, they will be moved for free or as part of your basic flat moving fee. However, some items, such as boats, may or may not qualify as HHGs and may only be moved if you agree to share the expense. Might not count and will incur an additional fee to be moved.

Prepare for Clean Up after the Move Date

When determining the time table for your move, keep in mind your responsibilities at the old residence. You usually will be the one responsible for cleaning up after you move out. You will either need to take care of the cleaning yourself or pay to have someone come in and do the clean-up. Check with your adviser to see what you are responsible for so you can make the appropriate plans for your Military Move.

Take Care of Important Papers

Make sure all paperwork is signed and filled out prior to the move and that if there are any papers you will need to keep on hand during the move and relocation that you have those set aside and stored somewhere safe but easily accessible. Common papers you will likely need include:

  • powers of attorneyNice Guy Movers will Make Your Military Move Smooth
  • transfer letters and letters of authorization
  • appraisals of valuable items being moved
  • inventory list with photos documentation
  • identification papers and photos
  • insurance policies

Lighten the Load

Sort through your belongings as you begin to pack for the Military Move. See what can be thrown out, donated, and what needs to actually go with you. Many people use a move as a good motivation to really cut back on the amount of stuff that they have, and this will make the move a lot less stressful for you and your family because there will be less to load and unload and fewer things to worry about during the actual move.

Being prepared for a Military Move is easier than you might think. If you plan ahead, keep in touch with officials, and give yourself plenty of time to prepare, it can be a lot easier for you and your family. Follow these pointers and you will be off to a good start!


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