Moving Out with Kids after a Divorce

Moving Out with Kids After a Divorce

A Divorce is Always Hard, Especially When Needing to Move OutMoves can be an exciting and stressful time but in most cases they are not a problem for many people. For divorced or separated parents however, things are can be a lot more complicated. This move can impact your life and even have an impact on your child custody or visitation rights. In fact, a ruling from a judge could make it where you cannot move with your kids at all. So it is very important that you take everything into consideration when you are thinking of Moving Out With Kids After Divorce rulings.

Travel Restrictions

You may not realize it, but there is often very strict travel limitations that are put on you after a divorce ruling. Moving Out With Kids After Divorce papers have been filed will often mean you are limited on how far you can travel, where you can go, and how long you can be away from the other parent.

Check the Paperwork First

Check your paperwork and custody decree that might make any travel more difficult and place a limit on either parent’s ability to consider Moving Out With Kids After Divorce. Often there are regulations for how far one parent can move the child beyond a specified geographic area that has been agreed to by all parties involved. Travel restrictions are common, and often are agreed to with the help of lawyers or a judge and are agreed on between the parents during the divorce.

Check the State LawsMoving Out with Kids After a Divorce

In many states, the law sets restrictions on the parents’ ability to move or relocate and require the kids to remain within a geographical areas so visitation and custody agreement can be maintained. The laws vary from state to state, but more often than not the custodial parent is the only one who can give the noncustodial parent formal written notice of a move. It’s then up to the noncustodial parent to file an objection with the court. This will have to be settled in a court hearing and a judge will then make a ruling as to whether or not the parent can go ahead with the plans for Moving Out With Kids After Divorce.

Moving Out With Kids After Divorce requires a lot more work and consideration than a regular move because of the regulations and restrictions that often come with divorce when kids are involved.


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